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E|125 Enveloping and Stacking Machine

Sovema’s E|125 features a brand new design with special attention to the quality of the produced groups of plates as well as the operator’s workflow.

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Rendering Sovema E125 Enveloping and Stacking Machine

Key advantages

  • High quality control

  • Accurate process supervision

  • Easy adjustment and maintenence

  • Flexible match in assembly line


Production speed

The production speed is optimized to guarantee great flexibility in assembly line configuration with reasonable investment.

Up to 125---enveloped---plates/min
Stacking programs

The stacking program is unlimited, within a range of 3 to 30 negative+positive groups of plates.

Separator material

Choose the configuration that suits you best for your production needs.


Flexibility and Easy Setup

A servomotor drives the pre-folding shuttle allowing the automatic adjustment of the area during the format changeover operations (no need for mechanical intervention).

Through an advanced HMI, it is possible to set unlimited stacking programs, managing from 3 to 30 negative+positive plate groups. For any group configuration, it is possible to keep the upper and the lower plate enveloped or free, according to the specific requirements.

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